Brief History

Novosibirsk, originally Novonikolayevsk in honor of both St. Nicholas and Tsar Nicholas II, was founded in 1893 and is now the third most populous city in Russia. During the Stalin period, it became a large industrial centre and its rapid industrialization earned it the nickname of the “Chicago of Siberia”.

Why you should stop there

Why, why… that’s a tough one.. well, literally, once you pass Omsk on your way to the Baikal, it’s a lot about flipping a coin when picking your next stop if you wanna break down your train ride. Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk? Personally, we picked Krasnoyarsk and were pretty happy with the choice. But it’s really up to you, being the 3rd most populous city in Russia, Novosibirsk surely will have a more vibrant nightlife if you’re into partying, otherwise I say let the coin decide.

Time Zone

UTC +7 (= Moscow +4)

How to get around

Public transport includes a metro system (2 lines), buses, marshutkas and trolleybuses. Still, the city center is quite compact and a walk from the railway station to Lenin’s square takes about 20 minutes.

What to see

Lenin Square. There’s a grey statue of Lenin from the Soviet time, standing right in front of the Opera and Ballet House.

The Chapel of St. Nicholas. Originally built in 1915 to honour 300 years of Romanov rule, it was destroyed in 1930 and later rebuilt in 1993. It marks the exact geographical center of the former Soviet Union.

Ob River’s Promenade. Nice place to take a stroll, especially in the summer you’ll find lots of people, music, sometimes concerts.


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