Brief History

Located in Central Siberia, Krasnoyarsk was built along the Enisey river during the czarist period of the conquest of the “wild West”. A cossack fort was first built in the region in 1628 for defensive reasons. The fort enlarged and became a real town at the end of the century, when it started to acquire civilian features. The development of Krasnoyarsk began in the 19th century, when it was chosen to be an administrative center. Since then, it became an attractive center for commerce, business and industry. During the Soviet period, it maintained its role of industrial and commercial center of Central Siberia.

Why you should stop there

Krasnoyarsk is one of the most beautiful cities along the Transiberian route, especially for the nature that surrounds it. The Enisey river passes through the center of the city, and from there you can do excursions in the wonderful forest around the city. If you want to have an experience of the real Siberian life, this is the perfect stop during your Transiberian trip.

Time Zone

UTC +7 (= Moscow +4)

What to see

As in many other Russian cities, the main roads of Krasnoyarsk are Ulitsa Lenina, Ulitsa Karla Marxa and Prospekt Mira. By walking along these streets, you’ll pass through the main palaces, statues, restaurants and cafés of the city.
We suggest you to visit:

The Resurrection Church (Ulitsa anvarya 9): a typical orthodox Church of the 19th century, filled in with gold and icons

Ploshad Оперы и Балета (Operi I baleti): the main square of the city, with statues and a beautiful fountain in the middle, that occasionally holds light games at night. The ancient theater of Krasnoyarsk is on a side of the square

The Riverside: from Ploshad Mira, you can go down to the riverside and have a pleasant walk under the huge bridges and along kiosks and fishermen (in the summer), or you can rent a bike and go further South

“Остров Татышев” – it is a small island between the two coasts of the city. Place to rent a bike and explore the beautiful nature.

Karaulnaya Hill: amazing view of the whole city from here. If you go at 12.00 a cannon will surprise you!


However, the real attraction of Krasnoyarsk lies outside the city: the Stolby Natural Reserve. It is a huge forest where you can follow a path up to the top of the mountains, surrounded by the so called “stolby”, the rocky formations that are typical of Krasnoyarsk. In winter, Russians go there to sky, in summer, they have barbeques on the top of the mountain.

Unfortunately, the website of the park, very useful, is only in Russian.

To reach the park, take bus 50 from Ploshad Mira and ask the driver to stop at the reserve. You can either enter by foot, and have a walk of around 6 hours in the forest, or you can take the funicular that takes you to the top. Attention: wear proper shoes to walk in the forest and be careful about the ticks (they carry encephalitis)!

Eat & Sleep


1. Масленица (check the best location for you, because there are a lot of them)-traditional Russian food
2. Перцы – Italian food (the most popular place in Krasnoyarsk to eat for students)
3. Булгаков – Nice café-restaurant in the city center
3. New York café. Located on the square of Опера и Балет. Good view.


Okay places: Hovel Hostel (Lenina 52, less than 10 EUR/night) ; Kiwi Hostel (Partizana Zheleznyaka st., 9g-17, less than 10 EUR/night)


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