Brief History

Chita is a city located at the confluence of the Chita and Ingoda Rivers and on the Trans-Siberian railway. Now the administrative center of Zabaykalsky Krai, it was founded in 1653 by the Cossack Pyotr Beketov, although before this, the region had been inhabited for centuries by local mongol and tunic tribes, as well as by various Chinese merchants.

Why you should stop there

Many travellers bypass Chita if they decide to reach China via Mongolia, yet Chita is also a connecting city of the so-called Trans-Manchurian, making it possible to reach Beijing via Herbin, without having to cross Mongolia. The decision on whether to stop or not in Chita then really depends on your preferred route and your final destination.

Time Zone

UTC +9 (= Moscow +6)

What to see

Kazansky Orthodox Cathedral, on ul. Butane 6, it has a typical Vladimir-Suzdal architectual style. 

Museum Church of Decembrists, on ul. Dekabristov 3 (Trolley # 1 or 3 from the Railway Square to the Magazine Vesna).

The datsan, on ul. Bogomyakova 72, it is a big Buddhist temple and school.




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